Engineered for the perfect sleep. 100% custom-made just for you.

Get the customised pillow that’s all about you.

Maintain the perfect posture for every sleep position.

Made-to-measure pillows, handcrafted in Singapore & Malaysia for a perfect night’s sleep

Find out how our Mpillows fit our ambassadors, Skyjin & Piggie.

Customisable pillows for any body build.

Skyjin sleeps on a XL size 8”
Piggie sleeps on a S size 5”

Why choose Mpillow

Customisable width for different body builds

Modular components for easy maintenance

An award-winning brand - Singapore Good Design 2022

7 Year research and development

Patented across multiple countries

Hear from our customers

A word from the founder

What you’re buying is not just a product but what were behind it – art, design, hardwork, spirit, breakthroughs, innovation, adventure, persistence, dedication, time, and love.

A good product isn’t just a result of copying another. Instead it carefully considers the needs and problems encountered by each individual. We spent thousands of hours reseraching and improving, learning from our failures and critism, and making up for our losses. We believe that as long as we can help others, God will want us to succeed.

Mpillow has at least 20 different innovative elemets, can you find them?

Enhancement from EHL

User experiences and health improvements must be constantly and progressively reserach to ensure Mpillow constantly evolve to be best in the market.

The collaboration and partnership with EHL enable a synergistic direction towards maximum customer satisfaction.