Premium Mpillow

Get the support you need at all the right places.

Buying pillows a pain in the neck?

If you've tried several pillows but still experience neck and back pain, then you need a custom-made pillow that supports your neck, shoulders and head in every sleeping position.

Firmness Level The Premium Mpillow is custom-made to suit your preferred firmness level.

How to order

Take your measurements using our step-by-step guide.

Submit your measurements and view the recommended results.

Check that the pillow configuration suits your body structure.

Add the recommend Premium Mpillow to your cart and check out. Your custom-made pillow will be delivered to your doorstep.

Measure up!

Follow the instructions below for accurate measurement of each area.

The Premium Mpillow Package

The Premium Mpillow comes assembled with the essential components and accessories for a restful sleep. 

1 FibreCool Mpillow Case
A number of small and large filling cushions (depending on your pillow size)
1 waterproof inner protector
2 satin cover sheets
1 Travel Vacuum bag
1 Laundry bag packaging

Price Range

XS:RM 1700
S: RM 1700
M: RM 1700
L: RM 2000
XL: RM 2000

Customise your Premium Mpillow

Get instant custom-made pillow recommendations. Simply take your measurements and click through our guide. Tip: Have someone measure you for more accurate results.