Mpillow GO


Design for better sleep the FIRST TIME and EVERYTIME.

Not sure with premium Mpillow? Mpillow GO is your choice of entry to experience your first professional pillow.

It is a gift for better sleep

Patented M design supports back and side sleepers

Modular components for easy replacement and maintenance

Fully washable and easy to clean

Size does matter

Every body structure is different. The Mpillow's height conforms to your shoulder length to provide adequate neck support. This determines your pillow size.

Perfect for every sleep position

Sleep made easy

The Basic Mpillow is a custom-made pillow for people who have occasional neck and back pain.

It gives you the right height for proper head and neck support, whether you sleep on your back or side.

We've got your back

More than relieving neck pain, the Basic Mpillow is an ideal knee pillow that ensures proper spinal alignment and support throughout the night for back sleepers.

Firmness Level

The Basic Mpillow is softer than the Premium pillow due to its configuration and internal design.

The Mpillow GO package

Delivered directly to you, the Mpillow GO comes assembled with essential components and accessories for a good night’s sleep.

1 Mpillow Case (Linen Natural White)
1 satin cover sheet
A number of small and large filling cushions
(depending on your pillow size)
1 Travel Vacuum bag
1 Laundry bag packaging

Price Range

XS: RM 550
S: RM 650
M: RM 750
L: RM 850

How to order

Measure your shoulder length using our customisation guide and submit your measurements.

Add the recommended Basic Mpillow to your cart and check out. 

Your custom-made pillow will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Get the Mpillow GO today!