Using the same modular structure as the Mpillow, the Mbolster is easy to use and 100% washable. Customisable in terms of length and comfort, the Mbolster helps people of all heights get the support they need.
  • Standard Mbolster (1m): Ideal for people 1.75m and below
  • Extended Mbolster (1.2m): Ideal for people above 1.80m
What's in the packaging X1 Mbolster inner case X1 Vacuum Bag X1 Laundry Bag Fillings Quantity Fillings provided and based on the selected size **Bolster case not included

Cover Sheets


An additional layer of protection

Attach the cover to the soft velcro at the edges of the pillow. Easy to fit in, easy to remove as well. Wash it every day just like how you wash your clothes. Keep your pillow clean the easy way.   Satin Cotton - Cool to the touch and easily detachable, our satin cover sheets keep your Mpillow clean and can be washed daily for better hygiene.

Linen Case

Highly absorbent and breathable, our linen pillowcases come with anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties. The anti-static material resists stains and dust to relieve tension and minimise discomfort for a better, deeper sleep.

FibreCool Case

Made with super cooling threads, our FibreCool pillowcase is extremely durable and cool to the touch, effectively bringing down your body temperature for a more comfortable rest.

Cervical Neck Support

Designed for people with a deeper curve in their necks, this cylindrical filling cushion provides consistent neck support for back sleepers.