Our Story

Inspiration from EHL

A good product should be continuously researched and evolved to be best in it’s usage both in functionality and adaptability.

EHL shares the passionate values dominant in the Mpillow design, led by Dr. Ho Koon Leng, the team has the expertise and desire to bring Mpillow to the next level of comfort and health benefits.

Vision and Mission

Essentials Healthy Living (EHL) provides scientifically proven and medically accredited devices, products, and services to empower all individuals regardless of age to improve the quality of their lives.

In today's era of remarkable technology, health standards have improved, allowing an extension in life expectancy in the decade ahead. This should make living until a "golden year'' normal, but many health issues related to old age and lifestyle, such as stress, burnout, obesity and cardiovascular pathologies, etc have to be addressed to achieve a healthy lifespan.

EHL is determined to provide innovative solutions to improve an individuals quality of life. EHL will introduce scientifically proven medical devices and systems, natural sciences and organic-driven therapies, which makes self-care available to everyone. Self-care is about having an individual take action to alleviate symptoms of disabilities themselves to help manage disease and ailments while improving their quality of life. The concept of self-care has gained wide acceptance in Europe with 9 out of 10 consumers viewing it as a vital part of the management and prevention of minor ailments, chronic conditions and disease. EHL hopes to successfully implement this concept in Malaysia.